ToySight: A Macintosh Answer to the Eye Toy 

ToySight: A Macintosh Answer to the Eye Toy

Here's a case of irony. A few days after I wrote my last entry on Sony's Eye Toy, the Sunday edition of The Washington Post had a review of a program that can easily be called the Macintosh platform's answer to the Eye Toy.

It's called ToySight and it requires both Mac OS X and Apple's iSight web cam. Like Eye Toy, ToySight uses web cam technology to enable game players to play videogames using their arms to control the action. For $35 (not including the web cam, which is sold separately), you get two video toys (one which adds graphic effects to your image and the other lets you pluck out a tune on an onscreen laser harp) plus nine games: Submarine Battle, The Plank, Marble Factory, FreeFall, Volcano God, The Owl & The Pussycat, Toy Wars, Pie Sight, and Tennis Xtreme.

Even though I have a Mac, it's unlikely I'll ever buy ToySight since I already have the Eye Toy. But for those who own a Macintosh, are interested in technologically-advanced games, have a desire to want to physically move around more, and have no intention of every buying a Playstation 2, ToySight seems like a good alternative.

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